Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can we pick-up?

A. Yes. But why would you when our delivery is so convenient and affordable?

Q. How much is roundtrip delivery and pick-up?

A. Salt Lake/Davis Counties $60*

    Weber/Utah/Summit/Tooele $80*

*Price is for one trailer load or less.  Larger orders require additional delivery fees.

Q. What time do you deliver?

A. We schedule deliveries per your request.  All we ask is a 1-2 hour window.

Q. Can I get a day early delivery?

A. Yes. Subject to availability.  

Q. Does the customer wash the linens?

A. No. All linens come washed and pressed.  We supply a linen bag to return after use.

Q. Do you offer set-up and take down?

A. Yes. We offer additional services like set-up and take down, night pick-up, and specific drop locations for an additional fee.

Q. Do you offer extended rentals?

A. Yes.  All of our rentals can be longer than 1 day.  Price is pro-rated according to length equipment is out.